Eight Apps for Making the Most of Ramadan

An image of a phone with a ramadan theme design

There’s nothing more timeless than religion and few things more ephemeral than technology. But sometimes they work really well together. Here are 8 top apps to help you make the most of Ramadan:

8. Shopping: Scan Halal

Grocery shopping for an iftar and not sure if something is halal? Scan the barcode to quickly find out. This app still has some kinks to work out, but it’s worth a try to make shopping easier.

7. Food: Zabihah

It’s almost sunset, and you’re out of time to make dinner. Where are you going to go? Zabihah’s got your back. This classic app will direct you to the nearest restaurants, complete with reviews, prices and prayer accommodations. It also contains information on halal stores and mosques.

6. Hadith: Hadith Collection

This app contains more than 41,000 hadith from 14 books with a strong search engine. If you’d like a daily reminder, it will send you a hadith of the day.

5. Listening: Quran Pro

Quran Pro is our top choice for listening to Quran. This dedicated app does its job well. You can choose from dozens of reciters, with options to hear or read the translation along with it.

4. Reading: Bayan Quran

This beautiful app is great for studying the meaning of the Quran. Click on any word to see its translation, root, grammar, and transliteration.

3. Memorization: Easy Quran Memorizer

For memorizing, we like Easy Quran Memorizer. As you listen to the audio, the Arabic text and translation scroll on the screen, and you can enable transliteration as well. Best of all, you can adjust the speed and pause time, and set it to repeat ayat as many times as you’d like.

2. Daily planner: Ramadan Legacy

If you like the motivation of a digital checklist, Ramadan Legacy will serve as your daily planner, where you can check off your prayers, fasting, Quran recitation and good deeds. This app also includes a personal journal, live stream and content feed. And you can compete with your past self in doing good deeds, as the legacy board retains each year’s data to refer back to.
1. All in one: Muslim Pro

This app may be your best (high-tech) friend this Ramadan. It just about does it all. It can tell you when to stop eating in the morning and start again at night, and prayer times in between. It can direct you to the nearest mosque and halal restaurant, as well as to the qiblah. It will tell you duas for many occasions and connect you with a community where you can ask for prayers. It has audio of the Quran and the 99 names of Allah. A digital tasbih will help you keep track of your dhikr. You might just decide to keep this well-designed and useful app on your phone year-round.

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